Named by Latinos Magazine and the Globe and Mail as one of the Top Ten Most Successful Mexicans in Canada in 2014, and by the Hispanic-Canadian Congress and the Hispanic-Canadian Business Alliance as one of the Ten Most Influential Hispanic-Canadians in 2015. Martha Bátiz is an award-winning author/translator and professor of Spanish language and literature. Born and raised in Mexico City, she has been living in Canada since 2003. Her articles, chronicles, reviews and short stories have appeared in diverse newspapers and magazines, not only in her homeland, but also in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Ireland, the United States and Canada. Holder of a PhD in Latin American Literature, she teaches at both York and Toronto universities as well as having founded the Creative Writing in Spanish program (unique in Canada) for U of T’s School of Continuing Studies.

As a student in Mexico, she received her BA in English Language and Literature at the prestigious UNAM. She studied drama and was variously an actress on stage and television as well as a newspaper columnist. By age 25 she had been awarded the most prestigious Creative Writing scholarships available in Mexico (Mexico’s Institute of Fine Arts, Mexican Writers’ Centre, Young Creators from the National Fund for the Culture and the Arts).

As a writer, she was the first Mexican to ever be awarded an “accesit” in the International Short-story Contest "Miguel de Unamuno" against 1,708 entries from Latin America and Spain. Her first book, a short-story collection called A todos los voy a matar (I’m Going To Kill Them All, Castillo Press, 2000), features a foreword by renowned Mexican writer Daniel Sada. Her award-winning novella The Wolf’s Mouth (Exile Editions, 2009) was originally published in Spanish, both in the Dominican Republic and in Mexico (Boca de lobo, in 2007 and 2008, respectively), and is available as an e-book by INK Press since May 2015. Her most recent short-story collection, De tránsito (In Transit, Terranova Editores, Puerto Rico, 2014) was a finalist in that year's International Latino Book Award in the US, in the category of Best Popular Fiction.

In 2016, Martha was a part of the editorial committee of the landmark anthology Historias de Toronto

(Lugar Comun, Ottawa), which was readily embraced by the Hispanic-Canadian community as it features stories by various authors that take place in Toronto.

Her work in translation is groundbreaking involving the parallel translation of the works of Canadian writers into Spanish and Hispanic-Canadian writers into English. Mexico’s Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana produced under her hand Desde el norte: narrativa canadiense contemporánea — the third such anthology ever published in Mexico. The Apostles Review, a literary journal created in 2004 by Hispanic Canadian writers living in Canada, appeared entirely in English for the first time. Most recently, Martha translated into English the character biographies published in the book The

Devil’s Backbone (Insight Editions, 2017) and an upcoming book titled Hitchcock.

Literary Awards

  • Honorary Mention at the International Latino Book Awards in the United States, in the category of Best Popular Fiction, for the short-story collection De Tránsito (2015).
  • Finalist in the 2nd G. Vanderbilt-Exile Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Competition, for "The Last Confession." Toronto, Canada (2012)
  • Third place in the Hispanic-Canadian 5th short story contest: Nuestra Palabra 2008 for “Las mil vidas del tío Co” (September 2008)
  • First Honorary Mention (Second Place) in Casa de Teatro’s International Novel Contest in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for Boca de lobo (Summer 2007)
  • SOMOS Award for Literary Merit: this award given annually by the Hispanic-Canadian Community in Toronto to Latino talents in all areas of expertise. (December 2005)
  • First place in the first essay contest “Pride and Prejudice,” New Canadian Magazine, for “This Country as a Gift,” (2003)
  • Special recognition in Nuestra Palabra short-story contest, for “Día de plaza,” (2004)
  • Second Place Accésit in the XXXII International Short Story Contest “Miguel de Unamuno” in Salamanca, Spain, for “La primera taza de café.” NB:First Mexican writer to ever win a prize in this contest. A total of 1,708 short stories from all Latin America and Europe were contending pseudonymously for this award (1996)
  • First place in the second short story contest of the Punto de Partida magazine, published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), for “El malentendido,” (1996)
  • Special recognition (mención honorífica) in the 2nd international short story contest “La Guadalupana” in Mexico City, for “Las siete Marías,” (1993)

Ten Most Influential Hispanic-Canadians, given by the Hispanic-Canadian Congress and the Hispanic-Canadian Business Alliance (Summer 2015).



Top 10 Most Successful Mexicans in Canada, given by Latinos Magazine and The Globe and Mail for her work as a writer, translator, and professor in Toronto (Spring 2014).


Certificate of Recognition (“Certificado de Reconocimiento”) as an outstanding member of the Mexican community in Toronto, for her contribution to the promotion of cultural activities and the development of education. Given by the Asociación de Profesores Hispano-Canadienses (February 2012).

Professional Affiliations:

  • Canadian Association of Hispanists (ACH)
  • American Translators Association (ATA)
  • American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)

Academic Fellowships:

  • Open Fellowship, University of Toronto (2004 – 2009)
  • Milton A. Buchanan Fellowship, University of Toronto (2008)
  • CONACYT Fellowship, the Government of Mexico (2005 – 2008)
  • Beca de Excelencia Académica, Secretaría de Educación Pública, Mexico (2004 – 2005)
PhD University of Toronto, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, 2011
Dissertation: Sonido y sentido en escena: El papel de la música en la comedia española del Siglo de Oro y el teatro político latinoamericano de la segunda mitad del siglo XX.
Major Field: Latin American Political Theatre of the 20th Century.
Minor Field: Spanish and Spanish American Early Modern Theatre.
MA University of Toronto, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, 2005
BA Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), 2003
English Language and Literature
Certified Translator ATA (American Translators Association), English>Spanish (2011-14)

Latinos Magazine: One of the ten most successful Latinos in Canada


Cosmopolis - Toronto: A Torontonian, born in Mexico


Martha about Desde el norte

Martha Bátiz, letras con éxito mundial (Letters with worldwide success)

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Literary (Short Story) Contests/ Experience as judge

  • X Nuestra Palabra (from the 10th edition of Nuestra Palabra Hispanic-Canadian Short Story Contest onwards). Toronto, ON, 2013 and 2014 until now
  • Rainbow Caterpillar Kids Lit Award (Spanish language entries). Toronto, ON, 2011
  • Hart House Contest (Stories written in English). University of Toronto, 2011.
  • Glendon College/ Dept. of Hispanic Studies, Contest for Undergraduate Students
  • Punto de Partida Short Story Contest. UNAM, Mexico City, 1995.

Martha as a Professor

" Dr. Batiz’ classroom is not just a place of learning but a place of exciting discoveries. With honesty, enthusiasm and love for the craft of literary translation, she challenges her students, drawing the best qualities out of each and every one of them in that wonderful world of endless possibilities. Her passion for literature and her extensive knowledge of the languages that she commands brings literary translation to a different level. It was an utmost pleasure and a greatly enriching experience to have had her as my professor. "

Laura Azahar MA UCL, London,UK

" While studying at York University’s Glendon College, I was fortunate to have had Professor Batiz as an instructor for a Spanish/English translation course. Martha is professional and passionate about what she teaches. Her love for the Spanish language and culture is seen in her constant enthusiasm in class. She ensures all students are engaged in the lessons and creates a friendly learning environment where even the shiest of students feel welcome to voice their opinions and contribute to class discussions. Her level of professionalism and expertise make her a great professor but her simplicity and humble nature make her an exemplary teacher. "

Kelly Carneiro, Toronto

" As a writer and a teacher, Martha Batiz is terrific. "

Humberto Benjamín Clavería, Toronto

" I was fortunate enough to have Martha Batiz as my professor at York University's Translation program. Without a doubt she was the best professor I encountered in my entire university career. Her passion for translation was contagious, as was her enthusiasm for literature. In addition, Martha's experience as a published writer and translator was deeply enriching in the classroom. Her lectures were always relatable and pragmatic and everyone in the class found her very approachable and helpful whenever needed. I always recommend her as a wonderful teacher who will broaden your perspective of translation and literature in an interactive and enjoyable manner. "

Mayte Morelos, Toronto

" I have had the great pleasure of being a student of Martha Bátiz for three different courses while studying Spanish/English Translation at Glendon College, York University in Toronto, Ontario. Taking courses with a professor like her is a rare treat; she is equipped with a rare combination of impressive knowledge, elegance, and superior communicative abilities. These elements working together translate into an unforgettable learning experience. So, if you want to be inspired, feel passionate about what you're learning, then you choose to take a course with a professor like Martha Bátiz."

David Morsillo, Toronto

Martha as a writer & colleague

" I have the honour and pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Martha Batiz. I met her when she arrived in El Paso, Texas, and had the opportunity to witness how she matured and became a great writer. She has collaborated with me in El Reto and she gave me the opportunity to read the first edition of Boca de Lobo, a book I truly enjoyed. "

Dr. Samuel Schmidt, Director, El Colegio de Chihuahua
Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

" Martha Batiz is not only a wonderful writer, critic, and translator; she is also an extraordinary and generous friend to other writers and a tireless and discerning champion of their work. "

Gilbert Reid, Writer and Broadcaster

" I’ve had the pleasure of attending Martha’s Creative Writing in Spanish course. She is everything an adult learner could hope for, and more. She is enthusiastic, innovative, well informed on all aspects of writing—and she is talented! Her short stories are riveting and deserve all the international plaudits she’s currently enjoying. Martha is a Force of Nature who I am proud to call a friend. "

Elaine Stirling, novelist, author of Daughters of Babylon

" For I&W Marketing, Martha Batiz has been fundamental in several projects: On one hand we started a strong relationship with her monthly collaboration in the proofreading and translating efforts for our magazine Latinos Multicultural Magazine (http://latinosmag.com/), which has a monthly circulation of 10,000 issues and is distributed across the Greater Toronto Area in all TTC Subway and Go Train Stations. We are both exposed to a Canadian and multicultural market, which is why we must take care of our writing, and Bátiz is the person for this task.

Top 10 Most Successful Mexicans in Canada is a special annual edition of Latinos Magazine, which was originally inserted in The Globe & Mail. Batiz was acknowledged by a group of experts deserving the acknowledgement of being listed among the Top 10 Most Successful Mexicans in Canada – 2014.

Expo Vente a Canada Mexico is an event which is developed in several countries across Latin America. Its aim is to provide key information on how to immigrate to or study in Canada, and in 2015 Batiz shared her immigrant story and personal experiences with several audiences during the tour across Mexico. "

Steven Wharton, I&W Marketing, Toronto

" Martha Bátiz's accomplishments mirror the excellence of her distinguished career as a writer. Martha is an artist, a creator, a brilliant author, an accomplished academic leader, beloved teacher and well-respected translator. Martha is inspiring; she is a woman of extraordinary depth, intellectual curiosity, ethical responsibility and commitment to her community, to others.

I had the opportunity to meet Martha for the very first time when we shared a writer’s panel in an important book fair in Toronto, Canada a couple of years ago. I fell in love with her impeccable narrative style that at every moment reminded me how much I love literature.

I can’t fully express how honored I am to be her colleague in this wonderful adventure that is to be a writer and building a literature community to other writers. Martha is definitely an important voice in the Spanish academic and literary conversations in the contemporary world. "

José Antonio Villalobos Sarria
Leadership and Executive Coach, San Francisco, CA.
Author, Founder of IMAGINA

Martha as a playwright

" Having worked with Martha on her first play, I was greatly impressed with her ability to adapt to a new storytelling form and to engage deeply with her characters. "

Stephen Colella, dramaturg, Toronto

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